CAAW aims at addressing the needs and concerns of the Chinese American community, the government and various private and service organizations in order to promote a congenial relationship among them. Its overall goal is to make the neighborhood a better and more prosperous place for Walnut residents of Chinese descent to reside in, and in turn, contribute to the betterment of our City and the surrounding communities.

Our Goals are to:

• Promote Chinese cultural heritage and encourage activities that cultivate understanding among all racial and ethnic groups

• Communicate city issues to members and promote their community involvement

• Secure justice and equality for all residents of Walnut

• Serve as liaison between the Chinese-American community and any local, regional, national, and international programs, services, and activities that involve the Chinese-American community as a whole

• Introduce American culture, traditions, citizenship, civic and community values to Chinese Americans residing in Walnut

CAAW Executive Board
William Lo – President
Carol Lee – 1st Vice President
Tiffany Ching – 2nd Vice President
Mary Ng – 3rd Vice President
Rodrick Faccio – 1st Secretary
Sharon Lu – 2nd Secretary
Jean Sung – Treasurer


CAAW Board of Directors

Kinno Chi 

Nicole Liu

Lan Zou

Marget Chao

Rose Yang

Regina Wong

Judy Huang

Joyce Lin

Calvin Sung

Jimmy Hsu

John Sam

Jeff Huang

Long Su




CAAW Advisors
Johnny Chua
Shiuh Ming Ellis
Alice Lo
William Pao
Ivy Kung