Welcome to CAAW

In July of 1989, approximately 20 people, attracted by an announcement from Chinese Daily News, came to Walnut City Hall. At the council chamber, Drexel Smith, the Mayor of Walnut, and York Lee expressed the need to form an association for the Chinese residents of Walnut. In the following month, an official election was held in which ten board members were elected. After a few months, only six stayed: U.J. Fang, York Lee, William Pao, Gary Tam, Delta Tang and Rex Yee. From this humble beginning, the Chinese American Association of Walnut (CAAW) was born. Through the years, due to the countless enthusiasm, devotion, and the selfless efforts of both the board members and Walnut residents, CAAW have grown in both membership and the number of events sponsor each year. We continue to encourage more participation and suggestions from you, so we can learn and grow together.

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